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03 June 2005

Pilot Post

Thank God it's Friday.

Fridays are always cool events at our office. For one thing, we get to wear casual clothing. Of course, that might not be a big deal to some of you out there. Hell, a lot of you probably wear casuals daily. Unfortunately, our office is both conservative and high-strung. Office attire, please, at least until Friday rolls around.

I work in Manila which is the capital of the Republic of the Philippines. Some of you might not even know where this country is relative to where you are. Just to give you an idea, the Philippines is in Southeast Asia about 2 hours by plane from Hong Kong. For more information, you could try wikipedia.

Now, what's office life like in Manila? I would think that it's much the same as office life anywhere else. The Philippine flavor does make it somewhat unique and, as you'll see as this blog progresses, some really weird stuff happens down here (or up there, depending on where you're reading this from).

As this is my first post, I won't make it too long. I'll probably be posting a couple times a week though not daily.



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