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04 June 2005

Friday Party @ Jill's

Had an office party at Jill's last night.

Jill's is a bar about 15 minutes drive from our office. The party was for 2 of our officemates who were both, in a way, moving on. One had just resigned and was going to graduate school. The other was being transferred to another department. The choice of Jill's was made partially because Jill's allows smoking inside the bar itself. Lately, the powers-that-be had decreed that there would be no smoking within bars/restaurants in the city. Fortunately, Jill's was just over the border in another city. Woo hoo!

Now, I don't smoke. But a lot of my friends do and, since I don't mind them smoking around me (as long as the smoke doesn't get blown my way), this worked out just fine.

Also, Jill's played 80's music on Friday nights with DJ Boyet Almazan on the turntables. A lot of us were children of the 80's and loved the music from that era. Thus, after dinner, we trooped to Jill's and tried our best to get smashed.

One thing you have to know about this country is that beer here is dirt cheap. In some places, a bottle of beer will cost 30 pesos. In US dollars, that's roughly 55 cents. Since Jill's was a fairly upscale place, beer was more expensive and came to 60 pesos (about 1.10 US dollars). Being in the 3rd world is great!

With music pounding and beer bottles clinking, the place filled up pretty fast. Jill's was a pretty popular place. There used to be another place that played 80's music called Dreambar but it was located in the no-smoking city and, once the rule was in place, that bar died out pretty fast. Pretty soon, we were fairly smashed but not exceedingly so. Fun, fun, fun all around!

We ended at roughly 2am and headed home, each to his own ride.

I love Fridays.


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