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20 October 2008

Updates! Updates!

Not much exciting happening, really. Mostly more of the same.

> Gaming - Yes, for all those who know me, I have finally succumbed. Kicked the bucket. Bought the farm. Yes, I have finally started playing World of Warcraft (WoW). At first, I was skeptical especially since I disdained having to pay for gaming. But then, I finally tried their 10-day free trial account. That is probably the most fantastic marketing ploy ever! I was hooked by the time I hit Day 3! And now, I have a level 49 night elf hunter as my primary character with an alternate dwarven warrior and human paladin. Oh, how the mighty hath fallen!

> Movies - All's quiet on the movie front actually. Haven't really gone to see anything particularly earth-shattering lately. Movies I'm interested in catching up on very soon are the following.
  • Wanted
  • Get Smart
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Igor
  • Tropic Thunder

> TV - The fall season has started and my usual shows are coming up again. I've limited my showlist to the following, in no particular order.

> Miscellaneous
  • San Miguel Premium - If you haven't tried it, you're missing out. This beer is awesome!
  • Bugsy's - The hottest watering hole to hit the Ortigas/Pasig area. Beers served ice-cold. Located in the City Golf area along J. Vargas in Pasig City.
  • Highlands Steakhouse (Mall of Asia branch) - This place had a promo on all-you-can-eat steaks for less than Php1,100. The promo's finished but we'll always have the memories!
  • Music - Listening to lots of Dave Matthews Band lately after a band in Makati called Streamline (they play in Bistro 110 on Friday nights) gave a fantastic rendition of Ants Marching. Smooth.
  • Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher - I read Books 1-4 of this series at the urging of a friend and found it highly engaging, surprisingly enough. It's a high fantasy series set in a world reminiscent of ancient Rome, this series will keep you glued to its pages from start to finish. Waiting on book 5 now as well as the next book in Dresden Files series by the same author. Check them out today!

That's about it for me. Till next time!


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