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20 July 2008

Movie: Definitely, Maybe

So there I was, at home, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, wondering what to do.

I decided to get to watching some of the movies I'd had stored up for just such a day. The movie I picked was Definitely, Maybe starring Ryan Reynolds, Rachel Weisz, and Abigail Breslin.

Now, I wasn't really expecting much. From what I'd heard, it was your basic romantic comedy about a guy telling his young daughter about the previous women in his life. And so it was, yet it was SO MUCH MORE. Well, at least it was more, anyway.

Obviously, I really liked it.

It felt a lot like How I Met Your Mother, only less funny, more serious, and with a great little twist near the end. I'd heartily encourage one and all to watch this movie. Check it out today!


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