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16 April 2008

Dare: Office Meeting Antics

Some things you wish you could say in a serious office meeting. See if you can catch the references. :D

  • "This project is going to require a lot of power. By the power... of Greyskull!"
  • "Let me consult with my team. Thunder... Thunder... Thundercats! Ho!!!"
  • "Fast turnaround time is paramount, I think. Speed... of the puma!"
  • "Let me think on this point. Whispered secrets of a shattered age, I summon you: renew this sage!"
  • "I'm not sure what you mean. Sword of Omens! Give me sight beyond sight!"
  • "Thank you for attending this meeting. Autobots, transform and roll out!"

Can you think of other lines you'd like to say in office meetings?


  • I cannot think of lines that I would like to say in a meeting. I have a communication disorder which is an expected outcome from the removal of the brain tumor in my left frontal lobe. I am trying to have a sense of humor as I struggle with daily living.

    Sometimes, I have to stretch a bit to remain a postive person.

    On a daily basis, our office attire is business casual. My favorite meeting antic is to dress a bit professionally and to wear make-up to the meetings I have to attend. This encourages others not to look at me, since they are not used to seeing me "dolled up."

    By Anonymous Stephanie, at 6:28 AM  

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