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20 February 2008

The Platinum Rule

We're all familiar with the Golden Rule, right?

Golden Rule: Do unto others what you would want others to do unto you.

Platinum Rule: Love thy neighbor but do not love thy neighbor.

Confused? This rule was formulated so that you could avoid relationships with people you have to see everyday (e.g. co-workers, neighbors, doctors, etc). Here are the 8 stages that occur when the Platinum Rule is broken.

1. Attraction - It's the first step to breaking this rule. All it takes is a little bit of attraction (mostly physical, mind you) and you're on your way.
2. Denial - You've been warned, of course. Everyone says it's a bad idea. But do you listen? Nooo!
3. Submission - "What's the harm? It'll be fun!" Bad idea!!!
4. Perks - There are always perks when breaking the Platinum Rule. At first! Carpooling to work? Great! Free consultations? Fantastic!
5. The Tipping Point - This is the point when you realize your mistake. It could be an irritating habit you can't stand or a personality quirk you find disgusting. Whatever it is, the realization almost always comes too late. The most common words when this realization hits? "Uh oh."
6. Purgatory - Once the realization hits, you also realize that you can't get out... maybe forever! After all, you do have to see this person everyday!!!
7. Confrontation - You can't live like this, of course. There will come a breaking point and it'll be rough.
8. Fallout - There are always consequences to breaking it off with someone you have to see on a regular basis. Awkwardness in office meetings? Ugh. Horrible. But life goes on...

So there you have it. For an infinitely funnier take on the above, watch Season 3 Episode 11 of "How I Met Your Mother"!


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