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28 March 2007

The Dresden Files

I've never been to Chicago.

But now that I've read Jim Butcher's series of novels called The Dresden Files, I feel as if I know the Windy City already. This series is a fascinating and compelling collection of stories told from the point of view of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, Chicago's only private investigator/wizard officially listed in the yellow pages under the category of "Wizard". His name is an amalgamation of Harry Houdini, Harry Blackstone Sr, and David Copperfield, all magicians. Set in the streets of Chicago, this fantasy/mystery series has recently been translated onto the small screen via a TV series on the Sci-Fi channel, The Dresden Files.

Now I've watched the series and I've read the novels (yes, all 8 of them!) and I must say that the series has managed to portray the character fairly accurately within the limits of the medium. Novels almost always trump TV as a medium, in my opinion, so it was no surprise that I found the books fascinating. I can't wait for book 9 of the series to be released.

Check it out and let me know what you think.



  • Hey! I never thought I'd find someone in Manila, or in the Philippines, watching the Dresden Files (how are you watching it anyway, iTunes or doing the torrent thing?). Anyhow, I got into the show first, because, er, of the lead actor. I started to read the books too, but only got so far as the second, Fool Moon. I found the first book to be sort of amateurish and not quite as compelling or intriguing, or funny. Harry's a wizard and a PI but he didn't really do any investigating and the wizardry he did just seemed too conveniently solve his problem, allowing him to not do any real investigation. But then I read that the first book was the worst if the series, so I started the second one. Same impression, and it kind of annoyed me that Harry was always getting beaten and came across as inept. However, a lot of people love the books, and the love the idea of Harry being like a regular guy in that he gets beaten a lot, that he's not this all powerful wizard, that his situation is endearing, and they all love the snark in the books. So, I'm not into the books, I am into the show. I love the lead and I love both Harry and Bob on the show. The show is true to the books in some aspects, it doesn't have that much magic and sometimes the plot seems rushed but what can you expect if you have to finish everything in 43 minutes. Still, the show's entertaining. I don't know about the books. The first two so far didn't pack a good story, and a lot of other books were in my opinion were way better than them. You think I should go on reading, and is it true that the books also get better as it goes on?

    By Anonymous pips, at 10:12 PM  

  • Hey Pips! Nice to know someone else reads the stuff I write. Anyways, I've gone through all the Dresden Files novels and, I must say, I'm really looking forward to the next one coming this Apr07. It'll be out in the States though so it'll be a few more months before it hits our shores. I get the show on torrents and, for a show based on novels, it's a pretty good translation. Keep watching! Cheers!

    By Blogger Manila Office Worker, at 8:00 PM  

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