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04 September 2006

Return of the... Jedi?

Finally, I've returned.

I actually came back in mid-July so my hiatus from blogging has been much longer. I've been very busy playing catch-up for the past month and a half. This is because I was basically away for 2 months before that for the overseas course I had to attend.

I returned to tons of email, mounds of work, and a whole host of stuff that needed resolution. Things have settled down somewhat although work days are still fairly hectic. Not much happening on the gimmick front aside from the usual movies and drinks type of night-out. We watched "The Devil Wears Prada" last friday night which was pretty good. I felt that there was a lot of texture and nuance I missed in that movie, simply by virtue of the fact that I'm a guy. The girls we were with were nothing short of rapturous in their reaction to the movie.

Well, that's about it. Gotta get back to work. Tons of stuff to do.



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