Manila Office Life

02 February 2006


I came to a crossroads today.

Our office came out with a job vacancy being advertised by another department late last week. It was a part of the office I used to work in before I got moved around in a whirlwind of transfers then settled into where I am now. Based on the description of the work, it was stuff I could do fairly easily, only they were hiring at my pay grade.

Plenty of office experience has taught me that these descriptions are NEVER what they seem though so I did some snooping around. Sure enough, there was quite a discrepancy between the work being advertised and the actual work in that job. Many of the perceived positive points the job had for me were quickly cancelled out. A deal-breaker was the belief that I would be coordinating matters with our large multinational corporate clients. This belief was eroded as I was informed that I would be speaking with our SMALL and MEDIUM multinational and local corporate clients. Now, I'd dealt with some of these clients before. Believe me, it was not a pleasant experience. Give me a large professional multinational corporate any day of the week.

So no job movement for me, it seems. Plenty of departments are advertising job vacancies nowadays and I'm fairly certain one will come around with my name on it. If not, I'm quite happy where I am now anyway.

Till next time, dear readers.


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