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12 July 2005

More Rallies

There's another rally going on outside our building, at the corner of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas.

One wonders what the organizers are trying to prove. From the 15th floor, I can't really hear them but my friends tell me they are asking the President to resign. Fat chance.

What I'd really like to see is all those people in the rally get real jobs and go to work. The reason they have the time to go there is because they are unemployed, after all. Many of these people are paid by the organizers to attend these rallies, swelling attendance and making it seem as if more people are swayed to their cause. You can get a rallyist for as little as Php150 (US$3) a day.

They are blocking traffic and making it extremely difficult for regular workers (like yours truly) to get home after a hard day's labor. Thus, the honest workers are penalized and the lazy good-for-nothings are rewarded. Such a travesty!

On a separate note, I spent last weekend in a relatively quiet manner. The week just past was, after all, full of drinking and partying. We had a big-shot guest from head office visiting, after all, and he was a swell bloke, really. Too much alcohol during the weekdays = relaxed, laid back, very little alcohol during the weekends.

Fairly uneventful times except for the political events. Don't really care for them, myself.



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