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01 July 2005

It's Friday (AT LAST!)

I do believe this is the longest-running blog I've ever written.

So, dear readers, let's give each other a round of applause! *clap clap clap*

Work was fairly hectic this week, what with me coming back from HK and having to catch up with the missed deadlines and all. But then, you don't really want to hear about that boring crap, right?

As far as the week being eventful work-wise, the week was also fairly eventful event-wise. Let's see what happened the past couple days.

Tuesday. This was most hectic as I had just come back from holiday and had to contend with huge amounts of email and work. Nevertheless, I had determined to watch Batman Begins and did so with great gusto. After the movie, we headed to ñ, a hip spanish restaurant that featured paella and other great pica pica style dishes. After eating, we went to Good Earth Roasts just a walk away to have a couple beers. Got home at 2am. Good times.

Wednesday. Got to work late since I got home pretty wasted the night previous. We had a scheduled branch visit that afternoon which would last until the evening since there was some work that needed to be done and we were supervising. Just across the street was an Italian restaurant, Italianni's, where we had food and beers (again, I know). But this was work-related, right? After all, we were SUPERVISING. Got home at midnight.

Thursday. Not much scheduled today although there was an event at Miladay Jewellery that I was going to attend with some friends. The event was mostly for work since our department was sponsoring it and it was meant to highlight one of our products. Afterwards, we headed to Chili's in Greenbelt 1 for a few more beers (do you sense a trend here?) that included more food. Got home at, once again, midnight.

Now, it's Friday. If my other posts are any indication, tonight will prove to be eventful once again. I'll of course be posting a summary of the night's events here soon. Admittedly, I don't get to post as much or as often as I'd like but this is Manila Office Life, after all. This Worker still has to make a living.

And, to quote a wise phrase from a foolish man, "Be excellent to each other!"



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