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22 June 2005

Help for the Damned

Was pleasantly surprised today.

Remember that shitload of work that was dumped on me? Deadline is Friday. Problem is, I'm leaving for Hong Kong on Friday and will be on leave till Monday. Bad. Bad. Bad. Fortune smiled upon me today in the form of T, our resident IT manager assigned to my project. T managed to guide me through the work like a pilot guides a ship into harbor. I've finished both documents in time for a quick review tomorrow prior to sending it out to Head Office tomorrow afternoon, well ahead of their Friday deadline.

Sometimes, it's surprising the places where help can come from. I never expected T would provide so much advice and knowledge and, come to think of it, I'm ashamed to feel that none of my team members would be helpful. Guess I'm luckier than I thought. I've got good people on whom I can depend when push comes to shove.

Which gives me some breathing space to finally get that much-needed hair cut. God, how I need one. And it's past 5:30pm, so work is officially done.

For a day that started so crappily, it's turning out quite well.



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