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21 June 2005

Internet Banking Upgrade

The company I work for is scheduled to have its internet banking service upgraded.

Unfortunately, this is not as simple as popping a CD-ROM into a drive and clicking "Install". There's a whole slew of planning and legal crap that goes on before the upgrade is even installed on a single server. As it happens, I was placed in charge of this project since I am the electronic channel manager. Whoop-dee-doo!

The worst part is that I've known about this for the past 4 months and I've been asking the headquarters guys to give us the work gradually so that we don't get overloaded. Unfortunately, these people have their own stupid timetable which, of course, they never consulted us about. So now, they've just passed a whole shitload of work on me with a deadline so close I can smell it. Definitely a recipe for disaster.

Compounding the problem is that I have to be the one to coordinate the actions across different departments and if my contact person happens to be on vacation, I'm screwed. Royally.

Suddenly, I hate this job.

Don't get me wrong, it's actually not a bad job. Sometimes, though, it feels really crappy.

I'm going to HK to celebrate my grandmother's 102nd birthday. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Oh my God, she's that old! So we're long-lived. It's not a crime. The grandma is bed-ridden though, and fading fast. She had a stroke last year and has never been the same since. I pray for her everytime I go to church.

Well, until next time, true believers!


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