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14 June 2005

Independence Day

We had no work yesterday.

In her benevolent wisdom (or lack thereof), the President of the Republic of the Philippines declared yesterday, 13June2005, as a special non-working holiday in celebration of Independence Day. Of course, the actual day falls on 12June2005, a Sunday. This is her way of appeasing office workers all over the country to vote for her in the next elections or, at the very least, to support her policies.

She's actually been doing this for the past couple of years. Ostensibly, her purpose is to promote domestic tourism. It's a 3-day weekend! See the rest of the country! Hit the beaches! The tag lines wear a little thin especially when she chooses to make the announcement Friday morning, leaving little room for planning a 3-day weekend away from home. It's called Holiday Economics.

Stupid politicians.

I'm not really a political kinda guy and whichever political party's in control is really not an issue with me. As long as I have my civil rights and I'm able to go about my business unhindered, I'm pretty ok. My policy has always been everyone works, no one quits.

Anyway, on to more pleasant pursuits. So, since it was a 3-day weekend, that gave us more chances to go out and have a blast.

Friday night: We had drinks at Piper's, a nearby bar/restaurant before heading to the house of a former colleague for an informal house warming (aye, more drinks!). This lasted into the wee hours of the morning. Hey, no work on Saturday for us anyways!

Saturday night: This was, unfortunately, a very dry saturday night. No going out for me.

Sunday night: After dinner with the folks, I made my way to Oyster Boy, a restaurant located within a well-known shopping area. Met up with some colleagues there and had a few beers with seafood. At 2am, thinking there was no work tomorrow anyway, we headed to Old Swiss Inn which is a swiss restaurant that happened to be open 24 hours. Had more food. Went home at 4am.

Monday: In deference to physical activity, I played badminton with some other colleagues today. After playing, we headed to the apartment building of some friends where we used their pool facilities. Got home at 10pm.

Tuesday: Argh!!! I'm back at work.

Typical for an office worker here? Absolutely!


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