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07 June 2005

PC Backup

Over the weekend, my PC crashed.

The constant electrical surges (common in this part of the world) during the rainy season thunderstorms caused the power supply on my PC to burn itself out to protect the other parts of my computer. Thus, come Sunday morning, all I got was a click as I pressed the power button and nothing happened.

Fear and panic gripped me then. All my files. All my programs. Gone. Poof.

I quickly disconnected the machine and brought it to a nearby shop called PC-Aid. These guys specialize in breathing life back into ailing computers. Like a sick relative, I cradled my CPU into the shop and helplessly searched for a helpful intern... err, technician, rather.

The problem was quickly diagnosed. The power supply had black smoke residue around the fan area. Clearly a burnout. The tech very efficiently swapped in a new power supply unit and plugged the PC into an outlet. With bated breath, I switched the PC on.

It lives!

And my data, my precious data, was intact. The tech warned me that it was possible the OS was slightly corrupted by the power surge and I should backup my data immediately. With this in mind, I bought several blank DVD's and proceeded to backup all my files. In the process, I managed to clear out a lot of junk on my hard drive.

Lesson learned: Always backup important data.

Back to work. It's going to be a long week ahead.


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