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06 June 2005

Monday Blues

I hate mondays.

There is probably no office worker in the entire universe (unless you're a Little Green Man, LGM, from Star Command) who likes mondays. This is a universal truth. Mondays suck. You get a couple days off from work and then, bam!, you're back in the grind.

School starts this week for our country. Unlike in other countries which have 4 seasons, our country only has 2: dry (summer) and wet (rainy, no seasonal name for it, really). School starts when the rains come down. I've always found that a little strange. Just when it becomes difficult to get to school, school officially starts. We've been having torrential afternoon rains all June and, voila!, school starts. Kids have to brave torrential monsoon rains to get to class. Is there a more powerful demotivator for studying than heavy rains? What were they thinking???

School also brings with it a very very terrible thing: TRAFFIC. Living in the capital city of this country, traffic is pretty bad most days. Admittedly, we've been having it easy since traffic's fairly light when school's out for summer vacation. That brief idyllic period is now over. We not only get the grind from work, we now also get the grind from getting to work.

But enough of my griping. One must be optimistic to survive the week, after all.

I had loads of fun last Saturday night when a couple of friends invited me for drinks over at one of our houses. The place was huge but since there were only a few of us, we confined ourselves to the living room. At any rate, it was raining (again!) so the garden was off limits for us. Beers all around and chips galore. I got home at 4am.

'Nuff said.


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