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17 June 2005

Of Photo Shoots and Couples

Thank God it's Friday!

We have a term in the office called "couples". It stands for "a couple of beers" and when someone starts saying "Couples? Couples?", it means he's asking if anyone's interested in a couple of beers after work. The term was heard as early as yesterday, actually, but we're likely going to have beers after work today.

Since I work in the marketing department of our office, we do photo shoots every so often for ads, either newspaper or flyer or whatever. We have one scheduled for tonight which means couples is going to commence much later than usual. Probably around 9:30pm or so. I actually have a date scheduled for today but I'm beginning to think I'll rain-check it for next week or something. Too much to do, too little time.

We had planned on going to Embassy. This is a 3-storey establishment that boasts a lounge, restaurant, and club all rolled into one. The club is top-notch with great DJ's and a huge dance floor, usually packed with heaving bodies and beautiful people in the wee hours of the morning. Yup, my kind of place!

Went to a friend's housewarming party last night. It was the 2nd housewarming party he'd had and, according to him, was the 2nd in an ongoing series of housewarming parties. Guy seems to want a very warm house. Oh well, it's his beer I'm drinking. No complaints here.

Anyway, here's to couples!


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