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08 July 2005

World in Flux

I woke up this morning to a very different world.

On the international front, London has been hit by terrorist bombs. Details for this can be found here. I will not bother to go into specifics. The news networks have far more information than I and I'm no authority on terrorists or al-Qaeda or whatever. All I can say is that no one deserves this. My prayers are with the victims of this attack and their families. May you find peace in a world gone mad and hateful.

On the local front, things are just as chaotic. For those unfamiliar with the local situation here in the Philippines, find out more here. Again, I won't go into details. The tragedy here, unlike the one in London, is a political one and controllable by the parties concerned if only they would sit down and speak plainly. Unfortunately, I think the politicians here have lost the ability to speak plainly and honestly. Lying is a survival trait among local politicians here. Sad. Sad.

Hopefully, the weekend will bring peace and calm. Again, I would enjoin all readers to pray for the victims of the London bombing tragedy and their families. Pray also for the enlightenment of our local leaders, that they may get it through their thick impenetrable neanderthal skulls that their positions are for the benefit of the people and not for themselves.

I definitely need a beer tonight.


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