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05 July 2005

Of Movies and Sobriety

It's a pretty grey day today.

The weather gods have chosen to gift our fair city with copious amounts of rain accompanied by a dollop of gusty winds. This basically translates to monstrous traffic and a positively inconvenient couples scene. After all, who would want to slog through rain to a bar, have a few drinks, then slog back. The experience of the bar disappears in the sheer trouble one has to go through to get there and back. Ah well, I needed a break from alcohol anyway.

Surprisingly enough, I was sober the entire weekend. Friday found me at a birthday get-together of a friend in the condo unit of another friend. There, we had homemade lasagna, cheese fondue, and chocolate fondue with red wine. All this food was accompanied by viewings of Grey's Anatomy, an amazing medical series that we have recently discovered. Check it out at this site, if you're interested. We finished at 3am and, although we had red wine, I didn't drink much and went home sober.

Saturday night found me watching a movie, Monster-in-Law, with a good friend. We watched the last main feature (10:40pm) which ended around midnight. After dinner at her place, which was delicious btw, we headed over to Eastwood which is located nearby. The movie was surprisingly good with Jane Fonda providing an inspired performance. We decided to skip drinks that night as I (and she) felt that I needed an alcohol break. No arguments there.

I never have alcohol on sunday, unless there's no work on monday.

And so I find myself at work again today, slaving away for the corporate machine. Ah, such is life. Btw, does anyone know of a player that plays AVI files similar to the way an iPod plays MP3 files? Any feedback would be great.



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