Manila Office Life

28 February 2007


Work has just shifted into high gear.

A project previously thought to be on-track has now been changed to be both high-priority and, at this point in time, late. Time to play catch-up, again. Meanwhile 3 other projects are chugging along, every so often a need arises for firefighting but that's par for the course, so to speak.

Continuing to play badminton every week. I made a new year's resolution to get back into badminton for the exercise and it seems to be working. At least, I hope it's working.

My social life, on the other hand, is now on a downward spiral. Less nights out, less bar hopping sprees, less drinking, less carousing, less, less, less. Soon, the litany will be gone, gone, gone. Not happening without a fight, though. I feel the thirst coming on.

Maybe a beer (or two) after work tonight would be a good idea. God knows I deserve it.



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