Manila Office Life

07 October 2005

Wet Rag Syndrome

There are days when you feel like a wet rag that's been wrung out one too many times.

I've been feeling like this a lot lately. This one project at work has been taking up so much time and it's beginning to consume me. Not that I shouldn't be working on it. On the contrary, the best case scenario would be for me to drop everything and concentrate my efforts on this single project which, as it happens, is a global project that is simply massive in scope. But, as it stands, my regular duties cannot abide without proper attention.

My section, in particular, has suffered from 50% attrition and is still recovering. Effectively, half my personnel are new to the job and require guidance. One of my direct reports is already working on her part of the project full-time while I, the project manager, am working on it part-time while managing the rest of our section's other projects. There are times when I get the feeling I'm about to be fired by Donald Trump in an episode of "The Apprentice".

But, enough of my griping. I still manage to find time to go out with friends (who, btw, are not as stressed as I am) and have fun. Working my way backwards, we hit the following nightspots.

01Oct05: Rastro in PowerPlant - A cozy little bistro-style place, very laid-back
30Sep05: Cena in GB3 - Placed in the middle of the Makati gimmick district, there was lots to see as everyone who was anyone passed by
24Sep05: This was a very memorable day. It was the wedding of Manny (one of my best friends from college) and Iea, his fiance. The ceremony was held at the San Agustin Church in Intramuros with the reception following at the Patio Victoria nearby. The reception had a 1920's theme and we all had to go in dark suits. I was part of the entourage as a groomsman. Loads of fun and I got smashed on Tequila Rose, Rose Shiraz, and red wine. I did, however, manage to stay sober enough to bring Manny's younger sister, Chinee, home. I ducked out again afterwards to Cable Car along Pasay Road for beers with friends which lasted till 4am. What a night.
23Sep05: Masa's in GB3 - Located right next to Cena, it was at the center of the action. This was after we watched Cinderella Man (a surprisingly good film) which we headed to after a drinking session at the office to celebrate a co-worker's promotion with wine and champagne.
17Sep05: Manny's Stag Party - I don't think I should elaborate on this here.

Well, that's about as far back as I can recall at this point. More soon! We've got an Oktoberfest celebration coming up which should prove a blast!