Manila Office Life

22 November 2006

Of Doctors and Heroes... and Ninjas!

So what's been occupying my time lately, aside from the usual office work?

TV, that's what.

I've been slavishly watching episodes of various TV series that are showing in the States right now. On the radar in particular are the following.

1. Heroes
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. CSI (Las Vegas)
4. Veronica Mars
5. House, MD

Not listed in order of preference, mind you. Also, I've been following two Japanese anime shows that are huge hits in Japan right now.

1. Bleach
2. Naruto

So, with those plus work there's hardly any time for blogging, is there? Of course there is, though admittedly I'm finding it hard to find the time. Not to worry, I'll still keep this space alive, if only to document my slow descent into gibbering madness.